10 $99 Dresses That Made Me Like David's Bridal Again

yep, you read that right!


Dear David’s Bridal,

I’m sorry for what I said the last time I was there when I was hangry and my feet were hurting.  No, but really - I have no issues admitting when I’m wrong and I have definitely spouted my dislike for DB in the past…I’m taking that all back.   I’m blaming it on the many hours I’ve spent  being the guinea pig bridesmaid for multiple friends and family members: “Let’s try the navy again,” “Ok, straps off this time,” “Can you suck in a little more?,” “Heels off,” “Wait, put your heels on again,” “I need pics of you in the lilac one again.” UGH. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, chances are you’ve been at a David’s Bridal, stuffed into a couple of dresses and made to feel like a human sausage or you’ve been covered in so much damn fabric that you might as well be wearing a tent instead. In hindsight, that’s not David’s’ fault, that’s just one of the things you sign up for when you accept ‘maid duty.

Since I’m now in bride-to-be status myself and dragging my feet on a dress, my cousin texted me a link to David’s $99 dress sale; I smirked and didn’t even open it.  It wasn’t until I started seeing some gorgeous images on Instagram ads and thought maybe, just maybe, DB had stepped their game up. So I clicked that link and I was not only pleasantly surprised by their selection but I actually ended up forwarding the link over to quite a few other fellow brides. As an advocate for chill brides and emphasizing the phrase “don’t sweat it” this year, I felt it was my duty to share some great finds from the sale.

There are tons of dresses included in the sale with something for everyone whether you’re looking for a simple look, a sprinkle of flair, Lady Gaga level flair (i.e. my Zac Posen pick) or a cute + casual option for your shower or rehearsal dinner. Another excellent thing about these guys are that they are inclusive and have a wide range of styles and sizes, to accommodate all brides. Prices start at $99 on up - one thing to note is that some of these are labeled as Sample and As-Is, which means they’ve been tried on in-store or were used for display so make sure to read through any notes online but I’d also highly suggest heading in-store to see local options as well. You should also note that there’s a sale for $20-30 off of bridesmaid’s dresses too! But hurry - this sale ends on January 22nd! Check out my top 10 $99 picks below: ,

White by Vera Wang Halter Tulle Wedding Dress - $99

If you end up finding your wedding dress at DB’s sale, I would LOVE to hear from you! Shoot me an email and tell me what you snagged: hello@canvaswed.com

Happy hunting, friends!


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