New Year, Same Me, Cool Things Coming

Happy New Year, Y’all!


Before you read on, you should know there’s 2 things about this post: a) I’m one of those people caught up in the new year freshness and am filled with great reflections of the past year and nothing but annoying positivity for 2019 and b) I have some exciting things that are shaking up Canvas WED and I can’t wait to share all of the goods with you so skip ahead to the TL; DR if you want the wrap up!

I’m not apologetic at all for being so optimistic when the new year rolls around, and if you read my post going into 2018, you know that I wanted nothing but a fresh start. I knew that 2018 was going to be filled with me stepping out of my comfort zone if I really wanted to get back to myself and my passions…and I have to tell you, I stepped ALL the way out on that ledge and didn’t look down! I’m proud of myself for all of the goals that I set for myself, the ones that I hit and even the ones that I fell short of because those were still lessons learned.

When I wrote that blog a year ago, I was hopeful but would have never EVER have thought that I would have been swept up in such an amazing cyclone that has led me to where I am today. Here’s a rundown of my 2018: I relaunched my side business as Canvas and started a new full time job in January. Had my first personal branded styled shoot in February and in March, I was hired by my first client since relaunch. In May, I helped put together the Gray Matter Experience Pitch Competition and also finally saw my vision for the Boho Bridal Tea Party styled shoot come together and get featured on Chi Thee Wed …and I also have to note here that I successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for Eduardo (pat on the back!). Picked up another wedding design gig in June and then…August: Eduardo had received some offers from his company to come back to the Chicago office. Toying with the idea of moving back home, I knew that I wanted to try creative recruiting again so I reached out to a company I was interested in working for. After eight months, I was already feeling uneasy about my job so when the recruiting agency asked me to come in for an interview on a Friday, I was ecstatic. The interview went well but I still wasn’t convinced that the stars would align and this could really happen. The following Monday, I walked into a meeting at my job saying they had been acquired but we were all keeping our jobs — and I received a hearty payout that I was NOT at all expecting. On Wednesday, I received a call from the job in Chicago, making me an offer to join their team as a creative recruiter. I talked with Eduardo that night and we both decided to accept. The following week, I attended Create & Cultivate, which has been one of the best and empowering experiences of my life (like, it deserves a whole other post of it’s own)! And on the Friday that kicked off Labor Day weekend, Eduardo got down on one knee in our kitchen and PROPOSED …and I said “DUH, yes!”

So yea - August was AMAZING but everything after that was a whirlwind. September brought the Retro Fall Wedding shoot, which is one of my favorite pieces of work to date and also included every weekend was a trip from Milwaukee to Chicago to look at apartments with our realtor. October included me waking up at 4:45am on weekdays to catch a 6am train to Chicago to work and even though I was EXHAUSTED, it was beyond worth it for my new role; weekends included preparing for the move and packing. By November 1st, we were in our new Edgewater apartment and a few days after, our friends and family threw us a surprise engagement party - which, to this day, I’m still in shock and complete gratitude for everyone doing that for us. We started our own wedding planning, thanks to the payout mentioned above and I’ll make sure to fill you in on all of that soon! December brought event after event and created so many good memories with friends and family and I am beyond thankful for being back home and also traveling to St. Louis to spend time with both of our families.

TL; DR - okay I’m done babbling about 2018…let’s talk about 2019!

I’m your new venue scout!

So as I’m kicking off this new year, I’ve thought a lot about my creativity, my work/life balance, my relationships and my sanity. Which has led me to some fun new ideas this year!

-For the first half of the year, I’ll be taking a break from planning gigs: I’ll still be the creative direction and planning for styled shoots, events, and even some girlboss get togethers. I’ll be checking out party and wedding related vendors and their products + services to share the best festive pieces out there! But what I’ll be focusing on is traveling ALL around this Windy City exploring new and old venues and even uncovering the potential of their backrooms + patios for weddings and special events. I’ll be reporting back with photos of these spaces - adding in my personal styling touch to dress it up when I can, food + beverage recommendations and any hidden gems or special notes that will make planning your next event easier! I’m happy to introduce my readers to my contacts in these spaces and even suggest my preferred vendor friends. And not to worry Milwaukee friends, I’ve already got some MKE trips in the works - and STL is close to home for me, so hoping to share some cool spots there and anywhere else I’m traveling as well. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!!!!

-For the second half of 2019, I’ll be back …working with a vendor dream team to wave our wands and create fun days for couples that don’t want the stress of planning - I can’t share all the deets just yet (heck, I’m still working it all out) but I will continue to keep you all posted on what’s coming.

So * deep breath * HERE WE GO!

Looking forward to sharing this with all of you - so bookmark the blog and keep an eye out for new posts. And if you’re looking to collaborate, well let’s do it - I’m just an email or DM away.

Wishing you uncover all of your 90s cds and have all that your heart desires in 2019!