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Hi!  I'm Sharris - pronounced "Share-iss"'s just that easy, I promise!  

Food is a universal language so let me explain my upbringing in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives terms:  I'm a Midwestern girl who grew up blocks away from the original Maid-Rite stand and then made my way up to Chicago, where I fell in love with Potillo's at first bite.  After 10 years of riding the Blue Line, my boyfriend and I skipped on up to Milwaukee in 2017 and couldn't be happier with the addition of cheese curds and the standard Friday Fish Fry in our lives! 

I can easily say that I've been a host and a planner all my life.  However, I can actually pinpoint a date for my love of party planning back to February 1992.  How do I know that, you ask?  All thanks to the good folks over at Better Homes & Gardens!  


I remember my grandma getting this issue in the mail and begging her to let me have a Valentine's Day party so I could invite all my "Barbie Club" friends over - yep, that's right...this basically makes me the originator of Galentine's Day.  I spent hours cutting out paper hearts and gluing them to doilies, coloring personalized cards and spilling gold glitter all over the house.  I even came up with this cool idea to put soda in ice cube trays and then enhancing the experience by pouring another flavor of soda over the cubes.  GENIUS!  My party was the talk of the 2nd grade water fountain line so of course came my birthday party ...and then an Easter egg dye party ...and umpteenth sleepovers to follow.

Fast forward past Y2K:  I've studied Meeting & Event Management at Roosevelt University, worked in experiential marketing and eventually became the friend that everyone called when they got engaged or needed help because they should have never signed up to plan the company outing.  In 2014, I finally decided to crank it up a notch and completed a certificate course in wedding planning.  I made a ton of connections and gained a lot of experience while in Chicago and am excited to continue growing here in Milwaukee.

When I'm not planning, I'm still in planning mode as a full-time Project Coordinator.  Outside of work, I enjoy hanging with my lady beer club and spending quality time with my boyfriend.  Chicago is still home so you can find us in the Windy City on weekends either catching up with friends over brunch or doing the running man at Beauty Bar.  

Talk soon! 

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